Unifight as a sport was originally designed as a complex combat application, which is integrated into itself the best Russian and foreign developments and progressive international experience in the field of martial arts, as well as applied and combat sports.

The practical implementation of this objective in 1996 was headed by Olympic champion in judo, Ph.D. Novikov Sergey, which was prepared under the direction of the concept and the first version of the rules of “Russian fight”.

In 1997, Russian television started to promote this sport in the show program “Russian fight”. The competition aroused great interest in Russia and abroad. Particularly interested in the sport representatives of law enforcement agencies and special forces.

In this sport the international arena is called “Unifight”. In 2000 was held the founding congress of International Amateur Federation “Unifight” (FIAU). The federation was registered in December, 12 in the same year in France. The President of Federation was elected Sergei Novikov.

  • December 2000 – International Amateur Federation “Unifight”(FIAU) was registered.
  • December 2000 – Asian Continental Amateur International Federation “Universal Fight” (ACIFAU) was registered.
  • May 2001 – European continental Amateur International Federation “Unifight” (ECIFAU) was registered.
  • December 2014 – Pan- American continental amateur federation “Unifight” was registered .

Subsequently, the International Amateur Federation “Winter Unifight» (FIAWU) was created, the president is also Sergey Novikov.

  • 2000 – Registration of All-Russian Sport Federation “Russian fight”;
  • 2005 – accreditation of the All-Russian Sport Federation “Russian fight”;developed and approved training program for Youth of “Russian fight” (hereinafter referred to in the wording on “Unifight”);
  • 2008 – Rename All-Russian Sport Federation “Russian fight” in All-Russian Sport Federation “Unifight”;
    – Recognition of the sport “Unifight”;
    – Approved the rules of the sport “Unifight”;
  • 2011 – approved conditions assigning qualification categories of sports referees;
  • 2013 – approved the rules and conditions of performance standards for EVSK;
  • 2015 – approved the federal standard of athletic training;
  • 2015 – a member of the Russian Union of Martial Arts.

Since 2008, the annually held national and international competitions in “Unifight” among children 10-11 and 12-13 years old in the discipline of the unifight “light.” In 2014 held national and international competitions in “Unifight” among children 6 -7 and 8-9 years old in the discipline of unifight “light.” Rules approved by the Congress of FIAU 13.11.2014.

Regular training and competitions can achieve good results among children, and juniors, introduce them to a healthy lifestyle, improve their leisure, to distract them from the influence of “the street.”

Annually, there are championships of Russia, Europe, Asia and the world among boys and girls of 14-15, 16-17 years, among the juniors 18-20 years, European, Asian and world championships among men and women.

Currently, members of the All-Russian Sport Federation “Russian fight” are: 36 regional federations and 16 regional offices, 43 of which have state accreditation.