Full Contact Kickboxing Rules

Article 1. Definition
Full contact is a discipline of kickboxing where the intention of a kickboxer is to defeat opponent
using legal techniques with full power and strength. Strikes must be delivered to legal target
areas with focus, speed, balance and determination, creating solid contact. Strikes are allowed
to the front, side and top of the head, the front and side of the torso (above the waist) and
sweeping technique is also allowed.
Article 2. Safety equipment and clothes
Article 2.1. Personal safety equipment

  • Head protection (top of the head must be covered).
  • Mouth guard (on only the upper teeth or on both upper and lower teeth).
  • Breast protection (for female kickboxers) (It is Mandatory to be worn under the top (bodice) or
  • Hand wraps (no stick with a tape).
  • Gloves for contact sports (10 Oz).
  • Groin protection (mandatory for male and female).
  • Shin guards (must cover the shin from under the knee to the top of the feet).
  • It is prohibited to use shin guard sock’s type covering shin bone and instep
  • Ankle support (optional)
  • Foot protection (boot).
    Article 2.2. Personal clothes
  • Naked torso and long pants for men,
  • Sport top (vest) and long pants for women
    Article 3. Legal target areas
    The following parts of the body may be attacked using the legal techniques:
  • Head – front, forehead and side
  • Torso – front and side (above the waist)
  • Foot – ankle level (only for sweeping)
    Article 4. Legal techniques
  • Hand and foot techniques must be used equally during the entire fight.
  • All techniques must be used with full power.
  • Any technique which is partially deviated or blocked, or that simply touches, brushes or pushes
    an opponent will not be scored.
    Article 4.1. Hand techniques (punches)
  • Direct,
  • Uppercut
  • Hook
    WAKO Rules – Chapter 8 – Full contact rules
    Page 142 of 190
    Article 4.2. Foot techniques (kicks)
  • Front kick
  • Sidekick
  • Roundhouse kick
  • Heel kick
  • Crescent kick
  • Axe kick
  • Jump kicks
  • Spinning back kick to torso and head
  • It is allowed to attack using the shin
    Article 4.3. Throwing techniques
    Foot sweeps (ankle level only, from outside to inside and vice versa) to unbalance the opponent
    and following up with hand or foot technique or to bring the unbalanced opponent to the canvas.
    Article 5. Illegal techniques
    It is prohibited to:
     Attack the throat, lower abdomen, kidneys, back, legs, joints, groin, back of the head or neck and
    top of the shoulders.
     Attack with the knee, elbow, head-butts, thumb and shoulders.
     Turn ones back on the opponent, run away, fall down, intentional clinching, blind techniques,
    wrestling, throwing and ducking below opponent’s waist.
     To perform kicks or punches below the waist.
     To perform kicks to the hip, knee and shin.
     To perform somersault kicks.
     To perform back fist or spinning back fist
     Attack an opponent who is caught between the ropes.
     Attack an opponent who is falling to the floor or is already on the floor; that is, as soon as one
    hand or knee touches the floor.
     Leaving the ring
     Continuing after the command “stop” or “break” or end of the round has been given.
     To put oil on the face or the body (Vaseline is allowed).
     To spit out or drop the mouth-guard voluntarily.
     Ground Attacks are strictly prohibited: A kickboxer cannot attack an opponent on the ground.
    The Central referee is responsible for stopping the fight immediately when one of the two
    kickboxers touches the floor with any part of the body apart from his feet.
     Stomps to the head or body of a downed kickboxer can lead to minus points or disqualification
    (judges decide by majority decision).
     Unsportsmanlike-like conduct. A kickboxer shall have only one warning, then the normal
    procedure for penalty and disqualification shall be followed. However, in the case of gross
    unsportsmanlike conduct, the kickboxer may be penalized with a minus point or be disqualified
    depending on the severity of the infringement.
     If a kickboxer spits out the mouth guard voluntarily, the Central Referee must stop the fight, stop
    the time, put the opponent to the neutral corner and give the offender the official warning. If they
    do it the second time, they will get the minus point.
     Violations of the rules and regulations may, depending how grave they are, lead to warnings,
    minus points or even disqualification.
    WAKO Rules – Chapter 8 – Full contact rules
    Page 143 of 190
    Article 6. Number of kicks per round
  • Each kickboxer is obliged to deliver a minimum of 6 kicks per round. They must clearly show
    the intention to hit the opponent by kicking. The kickboxer is obliged to deliver a minimum of
    18 kicks at the end of the fight (6 per round). After the first round, the kick counter has to report
    to the Central referee who must inform the kickboxer if any missing kicks. They will have the
    chance to recuperate the missing kicks in the following round. If the kickboxer does not
    recuperate the missing kicks from first round, they will receive a minus point.
  • If the kickboxer delivers 6 kicks in the first round but does not deliver 6 kicks in the second
    round, the central Referee will inform the kickboxer so they can recuperate the missing kicks in
    the third round. If the kickboxer does not deliver the missing kicks in the third round, the Central
    referee will give them a minus point.
  • If the kickboxer delivered 6 kicks in the first round and 6 kicks in the second round, but doesn’t
    deliver 6 kicks in the third round, no matter how many over 6 kicks they delivered in the first
    and second rounds, the Central referee will give them a minus point.
  • For violation of this rule the Central referee can give a kickboxer maximum of two minus points.
    Minus points for kicks and minus point for the other violation of the rules are not cross
    accumulated. But if a kickboxer gets a third minus point, they will be disqualified automatically.