Kyok Pa Breaking Competition

Breaking Competition

This part of the competition consists of only 1 round with only 1 general champion in each category!
The participants show in one run a break test form of several break tests in direct succession, whereby the time is measured over a buzzer. The participant must press the buzzer to start and finish its passage.It wins who has broken most boards in the shortest time.In this order is also counted: number of boards broken before time.The break tests will continue even if a board should not break.The boards are closed by the mat dish and held free by two fingers.For teenagers the break test takes place on polystyrene boards or 1 cm thick wooden boardFor adults on wooden boards approx 28cmx28xmx2 cm.
The participant has 1 minute to set up his boards and start the competition.The boards are always positioned as shown below.The participant can freely choose the height and the order can be determined by the participant himself.All boards must be kicked or beaten in the direction of the security area. The competition takes place on the mat. This is also a measure of the structure. The board holder is determined by the tournament organizer and are used for all participant.
– Must be two (2) hand techniques and three (3) foot techniques– First is one (1) hand technique, than three (3) foot techniques and on the endone (1) and technique– All FIVE techniques must be different– Hands and feet must be used– The techniques are free to choose– everyone may only try once to break the jew. board
MALEM-1JUNIORS13-17 Y/o4th Geup and above
FEMALEF-1JUNIORS13-17 Y/o4th Geup and above
MALEM-2SENIORS18 + y/o4th Geup and above
FEMALEF-2SENIORS18 + y/o4th Geup and above
There will be a medal for the first 3 competitors.
A gold medal for the first place, a silver for the second place and a bronze for the third place.