Hosinsool Self Defence

Self Defence Competition Rules

DIVISIONS & CATEGORIESDivisions are made by grade and by gender (male/female)!For the geup grades and Dan grades divisions are separated.Competitors can competing in the man/man team or in mixed teams (man/woman).Divisions by gender or age: KIDS 8 – 13 y/o                                             JUNIORS 14 -17 y/o                                             SENIORS 18- 44 y/o                                             VETERANS 45 + y/o
GEUP GRADES 8th – 1st geup
Only 1 roundSelf defence against wrist grab – son mok soolSelf defence against punching – bhang kwon soolSelf defence against kicking – bhang jok soolSelf defence against baton attack – bhang danbong soolOne self defence at ones own choice – kokki, tonjigi, chiki or chagi
It will be held in three rounds.  All competitors will compete in all three rounds! Just after every round referees will give the win by round and every match can finish with result 3:0 or 2:1.The Hosinsool competition is a competition with direct elimination! So the winner pair goes to the next round and the loser has to quits the competition.
1st roundDefense against punchingJoint locks (kokki)
Defense against punchingThrowing (tonjigi)
Defense against front kickKicking or sweeping (bal chagi)
Defense against side kickJoint locks (kokki)
Defense against roundhouse kickThrowing (tonjigi)
2nd roundKnife stirke downward(chigi, keokki, tonjigi or bal chagi)
Knife strike to the lower section(chigi, keokki, tonjigi or bal chagi)
Knife strike from the side(chigi, keokki, tonjigi or bal chagi)
Direct knife thrust(chigi, keokki, tonjigi or bal chagi)
3rd roundDefense against punching or grabingShort stick technique (dan-bong sool)
Defense against kickingShort stick technique (dan-bong sool)
Defense against punching or grabingCane technique (ji pang ee sool) or belt
All hapkido techniquesAll hapkido techniques,
Ø 30 sec – 2 min continuously
Remarks :For the absolutely category is not obligated performance the given techniques.
Competing participants : a couple of one attacker and one defender (the one who performs the techniques) or a team of two attacker and one defender.
Every participant continues to perform his task during the performance.
The attacker may switch his role to defender and vice versa !
The competition category is stipulated by the grade of the defender (the one who performs the techniques)
The partner performing the role of the attacker may have a higher or lower grade than the defender
There will be a medal for the first 3 competitors of each category or division
A gold medal for the first place, a silver medal for the second place and a bronze medal for the third place.
All competitors will be draw in the pairs on the drawing lots. It will go from eight part finals, quater finals, semi finals and two the best in finals. All five judges will decide with rising the red or blue flag.