Tavan Martial Art is an independent and public style which has its own legal entity and it shall carry out all its activities in compliance with the stipulations and articles set out in the codified articles of associations and in compliance with national and international regulations after making arrangement with the concerned federation and by full observance of the laws of the relevant country. With this end in view, a detailed bylaw and standing orders has been codified and shall be applicable for all the age categories. In this style, the athlete shall have high level of physical fitness and mental ability and s/he will have mobility, flexibility, endurance, motor coordination and stretch and strength of the muscles which is a distinguishing feature of this style. Tavan Martial Art gives special significance to the style and order and respect to the instructor and master.

The president and founder of this style is Mr. Seyed Rahbar Hosseini, 1979 who started martial arts in 1983 and after completion of the various courses, he began to teach the style. Over the period of teaching, he shared his knowledge and skills with his athletes and companions and taught many coaches all over the country.

Development of Tavan Martial Art

After carrying out the researches and its development in various aspects, it takes several years to found the Tavan Martial Art in 2000 after many investigations and expertise.

Object of the Tavan Martial Art

Any style, upon its development and formation, is founded based on the needs and requirements of that time, therefore, by studying and benefiting the outcomes gained over the period of my teaching as well as the researches carried out in the area of science and philosophy, I managed to assess the my earlier styles of the martial arts  and to present the said outcomes in the form of Tavan Martial Art. This style aims to develop and publicize Iranian Art, and to promote and publicize the sport and nurturing the physical strength, enhancing the mental health, coordination in the physical education activities and recreations in the form of Tavan Martial Art at the international level and motivating the people to breed their potential talents and internal abilities, to increase self-steams, self-defense and to increase te physical and mental abilities.