Hyungs Hapkido Patterns

without weapons/ with weapons/ with sable-sword /with long stick spear

Competition areaThe competition area measures 10m x 10m (minimum 8x8m)
Competitors2 competitors,1 with blue mark (chong)1 with red mark  (hong)
Hyungs durationMinimum 30 seconds maximum 90 seconds
WinnerWinning decision is made by 5 judges by rising the blue or red flag
ResultsResults of the competition will be published on the end of each Hyung performance
Competition systemHyungs competition is a cup system with direct elimination! So the winner goes to the next round and the loser has to quits the competition
1. Competitors participate at own risk!Every competitor needs a private insurance or federation insurance.
2. Competitors are also required to wear their appropriate belt to signify their proper rank
3. Competitors are required to wear a dobok (Hapkido uniform) while competing.Uniforms must be clean, not torn and worn at all times during their performance.Removal of uniform top, pants or belt is not permitted during performance. T-shirtsunder the uniform are allowed only for the female competitors.
4. The medal ceremony will not take place when the competitor is not in uniform (dobok)or in club (scohool or academy) / federation training suit.
5. All uniforms and equipment may not be insulting, vulgar or offensive as deemed by theTournament Officials.
6. Every kind of jewellery (watches, bracelets, piercings, earrings, etc.)worn is prohibited !
7. Finger and toe nails must be kept neat and trimmed !
Every competitor has to bring his own equipment and weapons for hyung performing
At least 5 minutes before the start of the match the competitor has to pass the security check at the competition area entrance. The referee will check the equipment dobok, belt and weapon, if Hyung will be performing with weapons, before the beginning of the performance. When the referee decides that the competitor equipment is not safe he can decide to change that part of the equipment. Competitor have 30 seconds for changing the equipment.
For each performance, five points are awarded to the winner by raising blue or red flags. Flags can be raised 3:2, 4:1 or 5:0. The flags must be raised at the same time as the Head Judge give the signal. In the absence of judges, Referee # 1 may be the Head Judge.
1. Unsport manner of trainer or competitor
2. If a coach, competitor or hapkido practitioner does not respect the code of behavior and the judge’s decision
3. If competitors or coaches interrupt or interfere with competition coordinators while coordinating activities during the competition.
Penalties  are defined as „Gam-jeom“ given by Head Judge (given the negative points). After 2 penalty points per one competitor, Head Judge stops the match and the other competitor anounce as winner
1. Win by Referee Stop Contest
2. Win by score or superiority
3. Win by competitor’s withdrawal
4. Win by disqualification
5. Win by referee’s punitive declaration
If the pattern (Hyung) is interrupted or a delay of more than 5 seconds is delayed, the competitor is entitled to one restart.In the event that something is not specified in the rulebook, the Competition committee (EHU representative, Organizer representative and Head Judge) may give an explanation of the problem and is responsible for solving the problem.
MK – A 1KIDS8 – 13 y/o8. Geup -4. Geup
FK – B 1KIDS FEMALE8 – 13 y/o8. Geup -4. Geup
MK – A 2KIDS8 – 13 y/o>3. Geup
FK – B 2KIDS FEMALE8 – 13 y/o>3. Geup
MJ – A 1JUNIORS14 -18 y/o8. geup – 1. geup
FJ – B 1JUNIORS FEMALE14 -18 y/o8. geup – 1. geup
MJ – A 2JUNIORS14 -18 y/o>1. Dan
FJ – B 2JUNIORS FEMALE14 -18y/o>1. Dan
MS – A 1SENIORS19 -35y/o6. geup – 1. geup
FS – B 1SENIORS FEMALE19 -35y/o6. geup – 1. geup
MS – A 2SENIORS19 -35y/o>1. Dan
FS – B 2SENIORS FEMALE19 -35y/o>1. Dan
MM – AMASTER36 + y/o>1. Dan
FM – BMASTER FEMALE36 + y/o>1. Dan
MW K – AKIDS8 – 13 y/o>5. Geup
FW K – BKIDS FEMALE8 – 13 y/o>5. Geup
MW J – AJUNIORS14 -18 y/o>5. Geup
FW J – BJUNIORS FEMALE14 -18y/o>5. Geup
MW S – ASENIORS19 + y/o>1. Dan
FW S – BSENIORS FEMALE19 + y/o>1. Dan
SwordSMJ-1JUNIORS13-17 y/o5th -1st  Geup
SwordSFJ-2JUNOIRS13-17 y/o1st Dan and above
SwordSMJ-1SENIORS18 + y/o5th -1st  Geup
SwordSMJ-2SENIORS18 + y/o1st Dan and above
Long stuffLMJ-1JUNIORS13-17 y/o5th -1st  Geup
Long stuffLFJ-2JUNIORS13-17 y/o1st Dan and above
Long stuffLMS-1SENIORS18 + y/o5th -1st  Geup
Long stuffLMS-2SENIORS18 + y/o1st Dan and above
Long stuffSpearSword – KumNunchakuKnifeShort stick (30 – 35 cm)BeltTwo middle size sticks (70 cm)FanJUNIORS 13-17 y/o and SENIORS 18+ y/o5th -1st  Geup or Dan grade
·            KIDS 8-12 y/o, JUNIORS 13-18 y/o and SENIORS 18+ y/o·            Male and female separately
The Head Judge – must be the holder of an EHU International Judge rank. He coordinates the work of the Head Referees (if there is more than one competition areas in the competition and he is responsible for the continuity of the competition. The Head Referee of the competition area shall control the documentation of all valid points and may request them subsequently if the need arises.
Competition Officer – a person who controls the entry of points in the electronic system, has been trained in the work with electronic devices, prepares competitive lists and sums up points for the final teams ranking (supervised by a Head Judge).
Judge and Referee uniform – blue suit jacket, gray pants, white shirt, red tie and white martial arts shoes.
Competitors can fight in the age group in this year in which they reach a certain age limityear of birth, and not by the date of birth
There will be a medal for the first 3 competitors of each category or division.A gold medal for the first place, a silver medal for the second place and a two bronze medal for the third place.