The Afghanistan Martial Arts Federation was established since 2002 in Kabul capital of Afghanistan by some Martial Arts veterans and experts like Noorullah Shahrukhi, Noor Mohammad Paiman, Shaker Saberi and some other Martial Arts experts, the Afghanistan Martial Arts Federation had more than 20 Martial Arts Styles under its supervision like Kickboxing, Kungfu, Hosharafu, Jeet Kune Do, Sanshendo, Pankration and etc….

as of now the Afghanistan Martial Arts Federation includes some International Martial Arts Style which is listed bellow, and organize regular events and participate at International Events in other Countries.

  1. Wako Kickboxing
  2. K-1 Kickboxing
  3. Full Contact Kickboxing
  4. Hosharafu
  5. Hapkido
  6. ISDO
  7. WKF Kickboxing
  8. O-Sport
  9. Yuyutsu
  10. Kenpo
  11. Kickjitsu
  12. Unifight
  13. Tavan

The above listed styles are registered by the Directorate of Afghanistan Phisical Education and Sports and National Olympic Committee and promoting its activities under the banner of Afghanistan Martial Arts Federation.