Dan Bong Sparing


Sparring competition with the baton

Competition areaThe competition area measures 8 m x 8 m.
Competitors 2 competitors,1 with blue head protection (chong)1 with red head protection  (hong)
Duration Kadets M & F, Juniors/Seniors Female: 1 non-stop round of 1 minuteJuniors/Seniors Male: 1 non-stop round of 1 minute
CoachThere is one coach per competitor allowed on the competition area
Winner/loser Decision for winning is made by minimum 2 judges in the corner– 3 judges in the corner of the competition area– 1 Head referee leading the competition and can not give the points
Match score Points during the competition will be published. At the end of the competition the central judges will announce the winner of the game.
Direct elimination The sparring competition is a competition with direct elimination! So the winner goes to the next round and the loser has to quit the competition.
1. Competitors participate at own risk!Every competitor needs a private insurance or federation insurance.
2. Competitors are also required to wear their appropriate belt to signify their proper rank
3. Competitors are required to wear a dobok (Hapkido uniform) while competing.Uniforms must be clean, not torn and worn at all times during their performance.Removal of uniform top, pants or belt is not permitted during performance. T-shirtsunder the uniform are allowed for the competitors in the colour of dobok.
4. The medal ceremony will not take place when the competitor is not in uniform (dobok)or in club (school or academy) / federation training suit.
5. All uniforms and equipment may not be insulting, vulgar or offensive as deemed by theTournament Officials.
6. Every kind of jewellery (watches, bracelets, piercings, earrings, etc.)worn is prohibited!
7. Finger and toe nails must be kept neat and trimmed !
Every competitor has to bring his own protection equipment!
1. OBLIGATED protection
Head protectorin soft quality, no hard parts and the front side should be open from chin to eyebrow (Taekwondo style) only blue or red colour allowed with plastic face cover or grid on head protector
Groin protectionPrepare for Marital Arts
Hand glovesITF style or WTF style or similar
DAN BONG batonSPORT DAN BONG made by soft materials (plastic coated with a sponge) dimensions 35-40 cm long and 3 cm diameter
At least 5 minutes before the start of the match the competitor has to pass the security check at the competition area entrance. The referee will check the equipment (protection) a second time before the beginning of the game. When the referee decides that the protection worn by the competitor is not safe he can decide to change that part of the equipment.
2 points
For strikes and slash with the tip of Dan Bong to the head
1 point
For strikes and slash with the tip of Dan Bong to the body, arms and/or hands or legs
1. Poking with Dan Bong
2. Any kind of kicks or punches except for punches with Dan Bong
3. Disputing with referee or Head judge
4. Any kinds of throws
5. Grabbing the opponent
6. Pushing the opponent
7. Rude remarks of the second against the opponent or referees and Head judge
8. Falling, touching the mat with a hand or a knee
9. Exit from the competition area (tatami 8×8 m) with both feet intentionally
10. If a contestant is awarded 6 penalty points, he should be disqualified by penaltypoints  and his opponent becomes the winner.
The referee has the right to disqualify a competitor from the bout or competition if:The competitor receives 3 or more penalty points (GAM JEOM) from the Head judge.The competitor engages in unsportsmanlike conducts.The competitor injures his/her opponent using prohibited techniques or attacks to the no contact area, depending on the seriousness of the injury.
The referee has the right to stop the contest if:There is a big gap in the skill level between the 2 competitors. The competitor with the skill advantage wins the bout.A competitor is injured as a result of a legal maneuver, depending on the seriousness of the injury. The opponent wins the bout.Fight may be stopped to give time to the referee for making decision (award a point or a penalty);Fight may be stopped in order to fix technical problems with the equipment or provide medical support – up to 1 min.;Fight may be stopped in order for judges to make a decision regarding the protest of one of the seconds (if he raises a card) – up to 3 min (video replay)
                        WINNING THE COMPETITION GAME1. Win by points
2. Win by 3 penalty points; due to the disqualification of the opponent
3  Ahead-of-time win: the opponent dropped his weapon – Dan bong
4. Win by withdrawal
5. Win by disqualification
6. Win by referee’s punitive declaration
If by the end of the round, the overall scoring remains equal, the scoring is reset to zero and an additional round is announced. The victory is awarded to the contestant, who was the first to gain a pointOverly aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated!In that case the referee can decide to end the competition game.In the case that any matters not specified in the Rules occur, they shall be decided through consensus by the refereeing officials of the pertinent game.
Competitors are categorized by age, not by weight classesIf there are less than 2 competitors in an age group, the judges reserve the right to combine age groups.
MK – AKIDS8-10 y/o>4. Geup
FK – BKIDS FEMALE8-10 y/o>4. Geup
MC – ACADETS11-13 y/o>6. Geup
FC – BCADETS FEMALE11-13 y/o>6. Geup
MJ – AJUNIORS14-17 y/o>6. Geup
FJ – BJUNIORS FEMALE14-17 y/o>6. Geup
MS – ASENIORS18 + y/o>6. Geup
FS – BSENIORS FEMALE18 + y/o>6. Geup
Competitors can fight in the age group in this year in which they reach a certain age limityear of birth, and not by the date of birth
There will be a medal for the first 3 competitors of each category or division.A gold medal for the first place, a silver medal for the second place and a two bronze medal for the third place.