The official meeting of Afghanistan All Martial Arts federation with its affiliated styles and organizations was held on 16 January 2024 at the AAMAF Headquarters.
This meeting was led by Mr. Alhaj Hayatullah Rahmani, the head of Afghanistan All Martial Arts Federation. After Mr. Rahmani’s speech, all heads of organizations and styles were given time to speak.
In this meeting, there was a discussion about the new rules and regualtion of General Directorate of Physical Education and Afghanistan All Martial Arts Federation that was imposed on the organizations, and the affiliated styles discussed about their activities that they carried out during one year. The Affiliated Styles were asked to Prepare their events and submit all their plans for the year 2024 to the office of the Afghanistan All Martial Arts Federation Federation.
In the discussion that took place with the organizations, all the organizations pledged that after this they will implement all the rules and procedures prepared by the General Directorate of Physical Education and the Martial Sports Federation and will hold their competitions according to them, and no organization will do so without the permission of the Ministry of Commerce. and the agreement of the General Federation of Combat Sports, they cannot operate, and no licensed organization can affiliate another organization that does not have a license and organize their competitions, and organizations that operate against the procedure will be fined 100,000, one hundred thousand Afghani and the activities of their organizations will be stopped and its duration will be determined by the federation.