Bal Chagi Leg Technique

Kicking competition Rules

DIVISIONS & CATEGORIESMinimumgrade for the competition is 8th Keub !Keubgrades and dangrades in separated divisionsMen & women in separated categories !When there is only 1 competitor in a category, this competitor will be placed in a higher category
starting from 8th KEUB (yellow belt)
Keubgrades have to perform the Dan shik Pal chagi (Single kicks).
The first six kicks have to be performed starting at fighting stance. Every kick has to be performed with the right and the left leg. The kicks have to be performed without using a partner holding a target ! (= Kicking in the air)
1. Dwikumchi cha olligi (raising heel kick with straight leg )
2. An dari chagi (inside crescent kick)
3. Bakat dari chagi (outside crescent kick)
4. Chigo chagi (roundhouse kick)
5. Yop chagi (side kick)
6. Dwikumchi dollyo chagi (hooking kick with leg straight)
The following jump kicks have to be executed while hitting a target (coaching mitt) starting from a fighting stance. These kicks have to be executed with only one leg. The target will be held at the height of the competitor
7. Jump ap chagi (jumping front kick)
8. Jump yop chagi (jumping side kick)
9. Jump chigo chagi (jumping roundhouse kick)
< 14 yearsMENWOMEN
14 – 18 yearsMENWOMEN
> 18 yearsMENWOMEN
The techniques to perform for color belts (keub grades) are different from the techniques for the dangrades. Dangrades have to perform the Han bal bok shik pal chagi & the teuk soo pal chagi.
Han bal bok shik pal chagi (combination kicking techniques with one leg)
This kicking techniques have to be executed starting from a fighting position and only with one leg (left or right).
During the performing of a combination technique the foot of the kicking leg may not touch the floor.